Wealth Protection

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First experiences, first job, and first house. Here, MAGNiWealth (MWA) travels with you in this financial journey and guiding you to the path of financial success. We help you to achieve the unique aspects of this life stage through managing debt, cash flow, savings, and the potential of financial risk. This is achieved by developing a comprehensive and integrated financial plan customized to your goal and helping you to apply that plan every step of the way.

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As you start the process of building wealth, it is important to take a long-term view of the market and wealth protection. In the early stage you typically begin to save money and be more concerned with asset protection than asset conservation or current income. During this stage of your life, MWA helps you to build a portfolio primarily focusing on protection.

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Wealth Accumulation

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Start to enjoy the fruit of your labor in this life stage. Your investment values start to grow significantly, disposable income increases, and supporting your debt structure becomes less arduous. This is the moment your long-term financial plans reach a crossroad. You can continue to work at achieving original goals or modify them to enhanced lifestyle, early retirement, second home, or even change career. MWA helps to balance and quantify these long-term objectives.

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In this stage of your life you are more concerned with capital appreciation but you also recognize that market corrections can have adverse impact on you retirement. However, you continue to save money during market downturns. As retirement or other financial goals are still a few years away. You continue to primarily focus on wealth accumulation.

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Wealth Preservation

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Move from careers, raising children, and saving to realizing your long-term goals and financial independence. You meet obstacles and myriad challenges. MWA helps to realize your retirement dreams now as well as for the rest of your days. Together we concentrate on key issues in this life stage such as addressing retirement distribution issues, income taxes and longevity risks. Thus, you will enjoy the stability of income during retirement and allowing your income to keep pace with inflation.

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When you reach pre-retirement stage of your life, you have typically accumulated enough wealth expecting your retirement income to be generated from your investment portfolio. Quite simply, you are most concerned with preservation and not outliving our retirement nest egg. MWA helps to maintain diversification and growth potential with preservation.

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Wealth Distribution

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Creating a legacy for your children, grandchildren and future generations. Protecting your nest egg from creditors, medical expenses and estate taxes is only part of the picture. Navigating the complexities of how your assets are transferred to the successive generation will determine whether your asset will create legacy or not. MWA helps to create a plan that fulfills your vision of how your assets should be used to help your family’s financial future.

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At this stage of your life, generating enough income to support our lifestyle during the Golden Years remain the primary objective. However you realize it is unlikely you will spend all of your assets. MWA helps to identify a balance between generating current income for you, and also to maximize the legacy you can leave to your heirs and beneficiaries.

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